Smoke and Fire Detectors MCQs with Answers

Smoke and Fire Detectors MCQs: Following Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are based on “Smoke and Fire Detectors” also known as “Smoke and Fire Sensors” or “Smoke detector and fire Alarms”.

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MCQ on Smoke and Fire detectors

Que.1 What is the best tool available to us that can prevent a fire from creating victims?
  1. a smoke detector
  2. Water sprinklers
  3. a telephone
  4. an extinguisher

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Option 1: a smoke detector

Que.2 Where should a fire and smoke alarm be placed in a room?
  1. On the floor
  2. On any wall
  3. At the entrance
  4. On the ceiling

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Option 4: On the ceiling

Explanation:In case of fire, hot air and smoke go above and in closed vicinity will stop at ceiling. Also, the air above the fire gets heated hence fire alarms are set on the ceiling.
Que.3 At what location is it preferable to install smoke alarms?
  1. in the residence’s main entrance
  2. in the kitchen and the bathrooms
  3. at basement
  4. in the hallways, near the bedrooms

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Option 3: in the hallways, near the bedrooms

Que.4 When must a smoke alarm be replaced?
  1. before 5 years
  2. every 10 years
  3. in between 10 to 20 years
  4. every year

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Option 2: every 10 years

Explanation:The life of smoke detector is generally 10 years.Therefore, it is recommended to replace alarms in every 10 years.
It should also be replaced, if it is damaged, dusty or doesn’t emit a signal after the battery has been replaced.
Que.5_____ are ideal smoke and fire detectors in steamy, humid, or dusty environments.
  1. Heat detectors
  2. Ionisation smoke detectors
  3. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
  4. Ionization/Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

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Option 1: Heat detectors

Que.6 _____ is used as radionuclide (or radioactive isotope) in ionisation smoke detectors.
  1. Cadmium sulphide
  2. Americium-241
  3. Lead-210
  4. Chlorine-36

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Option 2: Americium-241

Americium is a man-made radioactive metal and is a solid at normal temperature. It is produced when plutonium absorbs neutrons in nuclear reactors. Americium-241 is the most common form of Americium.
Que.7 The flow of current in Ionisation smoke detectors in smoky condition
  1. reduces
  2. increases
  3. remains constant
  4. becomes zero

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Option 1: reduces

Normally, current is stable in sensing chamber.
In smoky condition, smoke enters in the sensing chamber.This results into disruption in flow of ions between the plates.
Hence, results into reduction in the flow of current. This is being detected by the circuit and alarm is being triggered.
Que.8 _____ a combination of LED and photodetector uses for detection of smoke.
  1. Ionisation smoke detectors
  2. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
  3. Ionization/Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
  4. In (2) and (3) both

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Option 4: In (2) and (3) both

Que.9 The best fire and smoke detector is
  1. Heat detectors
  2. Ionisation smoke detectors
  3. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors
  4. Ionization/Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

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Option 4: Ionization/Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Que.10 Which of the following is best place to install heat detector?
  1. shopping mall
  2. Hotel
  3. School
  4. Kitchen

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Option 4: Kitchen

Explanation:Kitchen is generally smoky while using it. Therefore, smoke detector will create false alarm in kitchen hence heat detection is suitable indicator of fire in kitchen.
Que.11 What should be done when the smoke alarm creates a continuous signal?
  1. Try to extinguish the fire
  2. Ask for help from neighbour
  3. call the fire brigade immediately
  4. leave and gather outside the residence

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Option 4: leave and gather outside the residence

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