DC Generator MCQs with Answers

DC Generator MCQs with answers: Following Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are based on “DC Generator”. These are related to subject Electrical Machines or Basic Electrical Engineering. This topic is mostly beneficial in the field of Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

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MCQ on DC Generator

Que.1 In d.c. generator the generated emf is directly proportional to the
  1. number of armature parallel paths
  2. field current
  3. pole flux
  4. number of dummy coils

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Option 3: pole flux

Que.2Carbon brushes are used in d.c. generators to ___________.
  1. provide path for magnetic flux

  2. conduct current from armature coil to load
  3. insulate field winding from armature
  4. All of the above

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Option 2: conduct current from armature coil to load

Que.3 In the diagram shown, if armature is not moving then ____ .
  1. maximum emf will induce
  2. minimum emf will induce
  3. emf will not induce
  4. DC current will generate
MCQ on DC Generator

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Option 3: emf will not induce

If there is change in magnetic flux then an e.m.f. is generated in the coil. But, if coil is not moving, no magnetic lines will cut. Hence no e.m.f. generates.
Que.4 Consider the following statements about electrical machines.
i. An electrical machine can be a motor and generator.
ii. An electrical machine can be a transformer.
Identify the correct statement/s.
  1. Only i
  2. Both i and ii
  3. none of the above
  4. Only ii

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Option 2: Both i and ii

An electrical machine is a device which uses electromagnetic forces. The motor, generator and transformer use electromagnetic forces therefore they are electrical machines.
Motor and Generator are having moving parts. They are called as dynamic machine.
But transformer is not having any moving part hence it is called as a static machine.
Que.5 Which of the following is not a part of field magnets?
  1. Field winding
  2. Armature
  3. Pole shoe
  4. Pole core

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Option 2: Armature

Field magnet or feild is made up of Pole core, Pole shoe and field winding. The field winding is wounded on pole core.
Que.6 Cu losses in d.c. generators occur in__________ .
  1. armature core
  2. armature windings
  3. field windings
  4. Both armature and field windings

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Option 4: Both armature and field windings

Explanation:The losses wich occur in copper is called copper loss. The armature winding and field winding are made up of copper therefore copper loss occurs in these windings.
Que.7Following diagram represents
MCQ on DC Generator, DC shunt generator
  1. Long shunt compound wound generator
  2. Short shunt compound wound generator
  3. Series wound d.c. generator
  4. Shunt wound d.c. generator

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Option 4: Shunt wound DC generator

In above diagram, the field winding and armature are connected in parallel (shunt) so this is a Shunt wound generator.
Que.8 Yoke serves the purpose of

i. Acts as frame of the machine

ii. Mechanical support

iii. low reluctance for magnetic flux

  1. None of the above
  2. only i and ii
  3. All of the above
  4. only i

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Option 3: All of the above

Que.9__________ is used to determine the direction of current in d.c. generator.
  1. Fleming’s left hand rule
  2. Faraday’s law
  3. Lenz law
  4. Fleming’s right hand rule

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Option 4:Fleming's right hand rule

Que.10Following diagram represents
  1. Long shunt compound wound generator
  2. Short shunt compound wound generator
  3. Series wound d.c. generator
  4. Shunt wound d.c. generator
MCQ on DC Generator

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Option 1: Long shunt compound wound generator

Que.11 Which of the following are the basic requirements to be satisfied for generation of E.M.F.
i. A uniform Magnetic field
ii. A System of conductors
iii. Relative motion between the magnetic field and conductors
  1. i and iii only
  2. ii and iii only
  3. All of the above
  4. i and ii only

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Option 3: All of the above

Que.12 The purpose of a commutator in a d.c. generator is to _________
  1. increase output voltage
  2. reduce sparking at brushes
  3. provide smoother output
  4. convert the induced a.c. into d.c.

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Option 4: convert the induced a.c. into d.c.

Que.13_______ is suitable for high current, low voltage d.c. generators.
  1. Lap winding
  2. Wave winding
  3. frog leg
  4. multielement

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Option 1: Lap winding

Que.14 For a 4-pole, 2-layer, d.c., lap-winding with 20 slots and one conductor per layer, the number of commutator bars is
  1. 80
  2. 20
  3. 40
  4. 160

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Option 2: 20

Que.15If the field winding is excited by a separate d.c. supply, then the generator is called ___________.
  1. Series wound generator
  2. Shunt wound generator
  3. Self excited d.c. generators
  4. Separately excited d.c. generators

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Option 4: Separately excited DC generators

Que.16A separately excited generator, when running at 1000rpm supplied 200A at 125V. What will be the load current when the speed drops to 800rpm if If is unchanged? Given that the armature resistance = 0.04 ohm and brush drop = 2V.
  1. 156.8 A
  2. 251.4 A
  3. 118.7 A
  4. 352.2 A

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Option 1: 156.8 A

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