Special Purpose Motors MCQs with Answers

Special Purpose Motors MCQs with answers: Following Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are based on “Special Purpose Motors” such as Linear Induction Motor (LIM), Hysteresis Motor and Repulsion Motor.

Topics: Construction, Working and Applications of Linear Induction Motor (LIM), Hysteresis Motor and Repulsion Motor.

These are related to subject Electrical Machines or Basic Electrical Engineering. This topic is mostly beneficial in the field of Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

These MCQs will be very useful in various competitive examinations, entrance examinations, oral examination (Viva voce), certifications and interviews.

MCQs on Special Purpose Motors

Que.1 Which of the following motor gives a linear translational motion instead of rotational motion?
i. Linear Induction Motor (LIM)
ii. DC servomotor
  1. None of the above
  2. only (i)
  3. Both (i) and (ii)
  4. Only (ii)

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Option 3: Both (i) and (ii)

Que.2 Speed of Linear Induction Motor (LIM) is expressed in
  1. rpm
  2. kg/cm
  3. m/s
  4. revolution per seconds

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Option 3: m/s

Explanation: LIM moves in linear motion hence its speed measured in meter/second.
Que.3 The thrust velocity curve of the linear induction motor is similar to that of the speed torque curve of the _________.
  1. servomotor
  2. stepper motor
  3. Induction motor
  4. DC series motor

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Option 3: Induction motor

Que.4Which of the following is not an application of Linear Induction Motor?
  1. Automatic sliding doors in electric trains.
  2. Mechanical handling equipment, such as propulsion of a train of tubs along a certain route.
  3. Centrifugal pumps.
  4. Metallic conveyor belts.

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Option 3: Centrifugal pumps.

Que.5The velocity of the linear traveling field for LIM is given by ______ m/s.
Where, fs is the supply frequency in Hz. t is the linear pole pitch i.e. pole to pole linear distance in meter.
  1. tfs
  2. 2tfs
  3. t/fs
  4. 2t/fs

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Option 2: 2tfs

Que.6 Rotor of hysteresis motor is made of magnetic material that has ______ hysteresis loss property.
  1. Zero
  2. Low
  3. high
  4. variable

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Option 3: high

Que.7Consider following statements about Hysteresis motor.
i. As no teeth and no winding in rotor, no mechanical vibrations take place during its operation.
ii. It has high efficiency.
  1. Only statement (i) is true.
  2. Only statement (ii) is true.
  3. Both statements are true.
  4. Both statements are false.

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Option 1: Only statement (i) is true.

One of disadvantages of hysteresis motor is low efficiency.
Other disdvantages are
1. low torque
2. low power factor
3. available in small size only
Que.8 Torque-Speed characteristic of hysteresis motor is similar to Torque-Speed characteristic of _______.
  1. DC shunt motor
  2. three-phase induction motor
  3. Synchronous motor
  4. Servo motor

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Option 3: Synchronous motor

Que.9Repulsion motor works on the principle of repulsion where two poles of a magnet repel.
  1. True
  2. False

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Option 1: True

Que.10 A repulsion motor is a ______ electric motor.
  1. single-phase
  2. two-phase
  3. three-phase
  4. d.c.

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Option 1: single-phase

Que.11 Which of the following is not an advantage of repulsion motor.
  1. The high value of starting torque.
  2. Speed remains constant even with variation in the load.
  3. The speed is not limited.
  4. By adjusting the position brushes, we can control the torque and speed easily.

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Option 2: Speed remains constant even with variation in the load.

The disadvantages of repulsion motors are
1. Speed varies with variation in the load.
2. The power factor is less except for high speeds.
3. High cost and High maintenance.

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