Electrical Telemetry MCQs with Answers

Electrical Telemetry MCQs with answers: Following Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are based on “Electrical Telemetry”. It is related to subject Industrial Measurement and Applications. This topic is mostly beneficial in the field of Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

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Electrical Telemetry MCQs

Que.1 Telemetry is the measurement of variables or quantities from remote distance.
  1. True
  2. False

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Option 1: True

Que.2 Telemetry requires when
(i) Measurand is at remote location.
(ii) The measurand is inaccessible.
  1. Only statement (i) is correct.
  2. Only statement (ii) is correct.
  3. Both statements are correct.
  4. Both statements are wrong.

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Option 3: Both statements are correct.

Que.3Electrical Telemetry includes data transfer over _________.
  1. Pair of wires
  2. Optical fibre link
  3. Satellite link
  4. All of the above

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Option 4: All of the above

Que.4 If the electrical output converted into a radio wave and then transmitted to the user’s location. This type of telemetry is called ____.
  1. Radio telemetry
  2. Short range telemetry
  3. Signal conditioning telemetry
  4. None of the above

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Option 1: Radio telemetry

The electrical output of the transducer (or sensor) sensing the measurand, or that of the associated signal conditioner, cannot be accessed by conventional method of connecting wires. Therefore, the electrical output is converted to a radio wave, which is then transmitted to the user’s location. This type of telemetry is called Radio Telemetry.
If this radio telemetry is meant for covering only a short distance as the user is not physically far off from the measurand, then it is called Short Range Radio Telemetry.
Que.5 The signal transmission medium in __________ is a pair of copper wires and the transmission signal is an electrical signal.
  1. Wire-link telemetry system
  2. Short-range radio telemetry system
  3. fibre-optic telemetry system
  4. Satellite radio telemetry system

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Option 1: Wire-link telemetry system

Que.6 Which of the following electrical telemetry system does not use pair of copper wire for transmission?
  1. Direct voltage telemetry system
  2. Direct current telemetry system
  3. Amplitude modulation (AM) telemetry system
  4. Frequency modulation (FM) telemetry system

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Option 4: Frequency modulation (FM) telemetry system

In FM telemetry system, generally an RF sinusoidal signal is used as the carrier and a radio link as the transmission medium. Obviously it is a wireless telemetry.
Que.7 What is the function of signal conditioner in electrical telemetry?
  1. Converts the electrical output of the transducer (or sensor) into an electrical signal compatible with the transmitter.
  2. Processes the receiver output as necessary to make it suitable to drive the given end device.
  3. Both (1) and (2)
  4. None of the above.

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Option 3: Both (1) and (2).

The signal conditioner is used at both sides in telemetry. Firstly, it is used before transmitter and makes signals ready for transmission. Secondly, it is used before end device so that signal can drive the device.
Que.8 Identify the function of transmitter in electrical telemetry.
  1. Demodulation
  2. Reverse Signal Conversion
  3. Multiplexing
  4. None of the above

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Option 3: Multiplexing

Its purpose is to transmit the information signal coming from the signal conditioner-1 using a suitable carrier signal to the receiving end. It may perform one or more of the following functions:
(i) Modulation: Modulation of a carrier signal by the information signal.
(ii) Amplification: As and if required for the purpose of transmission.
(iii) Signal Conversion: As and if required for the purpose of transmission. For example, voltage to current conversion, or analog to digital conversion, or electrical signal to radio wave conversion, or electrical signal to optical beam conversion, depending on the nature of the carrier signal and the signal transmission medium.
(iv) Multiplexing: If more than one physical variables are to be sent simultaneously from the same location, then either frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) or time-division multiplexing (TDM) is used
Que.9 Which of the following may not be function of end device in electrical telemetry?
(i) Analog indication or Digital display
(ii) Digital storage
(iii) Data processing
  1. Only (iii)
  2. All of the above
  3. (ii) and (iii) both
  4. None of the above

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Option 4: None of the above

End Device: The element is so called because it appears at the end of the system. Depending on the purpose of the telemetry in the given situation, the end device may be performing one of the following functions:
(i) Analog Indication: Analog indication of the value of the measurand through the deflection of a pointer on a scale. The device used is very often a permanent magnet moving coil (PMMC) meter.
(ii) Digital Display: Digital display of the value of the measurand on LEDs, LCD and monitor screen etc.
(iii) Digital Storage: Storage of the digital value of the measurand in electronic or optical storage device for a later use.
(iv) Data Processing: The digital values of the mesurand may be given to a data processor, such as a microprocessor, digital signal processor or computer, for analysis etc.
(v) Closed-Loop Control: The analog or digital output of the signal conditioner-2, representing the value of the measurand, may be fed to an automatic controller as the feedback signal.
Que.10 Modulation or carrier not used in _____.
  1. Digital telemetry systems
  2. DC telemetry systems
  3. Analog pulse telemetry Systems
  4. AM telemetry systems

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Option 2: DC telemetry systems

Que.11 Process of utilizing one data link for multiple data transfer is known as _________.
  1. Multiplexing
  2. Multitasking
  3. Multiprocessing
  4. None of the mentioned

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Option 1: Multiplexing

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