Vibration Measurement MCQs with Answers

Vibration Measurement MCQs with answers: Following Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are based on “Vibration Measurement”. It is related to subject Industrial Measurement and Applications. This topic is mostly beneficial in the field of Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

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Vibration Measurement MCQs

Que.1 Which of the object moving state does not include in Vibration measurement?
  1. back/forward
  2. right/ left
  3. up/down
  4. None of the above

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Option 4: None of the above

Que.2 Four elements of the vibration are
  1. Frequency, Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration
  2. Force, Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration
  3. Momentum, Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration
  4. Force, Frequency, Velocity and Acceleration

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Option 1: Frequency, Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration

Vibration means the state of an object moving repetitively back/forward, right/ left or up/down and is generally expressed by Frequency, Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration.
Que.3 ______ vibration which in mathematical terminology means a function whose value in the immediate future cannot be predicted.
  1. Periodic
  2. Stochastic
  3. Reciprocating
  4. Abnormal

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Option 2: Stochastic

Random vibration lasts only for a short while, as a response to a random event.
Such vibration is also known as stochastic vibration because mathematically its value not possible to predict.
Such phenomena are caused by single or random excitation, and the system responds to the same in its own typical manner.
Que.4 The concepts of frequency and time-period are associated with
  1. Periodic vibrations
  2. Random vibration
  3. Reciprocating
  4. Abnormal

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Option 1: Periodic vibrations

Periodic vibration stay as a steady repeating phenomenon and has a specific period over which it repeats itself. It is always response to an alternating force.
Example - Machinery Vibration
Such vibration displays a periodic time function, which follows well defined mathematical rules, like a sine wave or the sum of many sine wave.
Thus it is possible to predict. Therefore the concepts of frequency and its inverse, the time-period are associated with periodic vibrations.
Que.5 Possible causes of Vibrations are
  1. rotor imbalance
  2. misalignment
  3. electromagnetic force
  4. All of the above

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Option 4: All of the above

(i) If unchecked vibration will create large and destructive periodic forces, which lead to metal fatigue, and eventual failure of the machinery.
(ii) Vibration of machine is kinetic energy which get added in machine output.
  1. Only statement (i) is correct.
  2. Only statement (ii) is correct.
  3. Both statements are correct.
  4. Both statements are wrong.

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Option 1: Only statement (i) is correct.

Vibration of machine requires kinetic energy which is wasted (loss of) energy.
Que.7 The most common type of displacement transducer (used for vibration measurement) is
  1. Proximity probe
  2. Piezoelectric probe
  3. Barometer
  4. LVDT

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Option 1: Proximity probe

Que.8 Very slow relative movement like thermal expansion can be measured in
  1. Acceleration transducer
  2. Velocity transducer
  3. Displacement transducer
  4. None of the above

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Option 3: Displacement transducer

Que.9 Velocity transducer is also known as
  1. proximity probe
  2. seismic pickup
  3. piezoresistive accelerometer
  4. level transducer

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Option 2: seismic pickup

Que.10 Which of the following instruments measure the amplitude of a vibrating body?
  1. Vibrometers
  2. Seismometer
  3. Both (1) and (2)
  4. None of these

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Option 3: Both (1) and (2)

Que.11 Which of the following device can be used for measurement of frequency?
  1. Stellarscope
  2. Stethoscope
  3. Stroboscope
  4. All of the above

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Option 3: Stroboscope

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