Hall Effect Transducers MCQs with Answers

Hall Effect Transducers MCQs with Answers: Following Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are based on “Hall Effect Transducers or Sensors”.

It is related with subject Instrumentation or Industrial Measurement and Applications. This topic is mostly beneficial in the field of Instrumentation, Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

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MCQ on Hall Effect Sensor

Que.1 _______ transducer is used for measurement of magnetic field.
  1. Hall effect
  2. Inductive
  3. LVDT
  4. hygrometer

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Option 1: Hall effect

Que.2 Hall effect transducers can directly measure the magnetic field.
  1. True
  2. False

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Option 2: False

The hall effect element is a type of transducer used for measuring the magnetic field by converting it into an emf.
The direct measurement of the magnetic field is not possible. Thus the Hall Effect Transducer is used.
The transducer converts the magnetic field into an electric quantity which is easily measured by the analogue and digital meters
Que.3Consider the following statements about Hall effect transducer.
(i) The transducer converts the magnetic field into an electric quantity.
(ii) The magnitude of Hall voltage depends upon the current, strength of magnetic field and the property of conducting material.
  1. Only statement (i) is correct.
  2. Only statement (ii) is correct.
  3. Both statements are correct.
  4. Both statements are wrong.

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Option 3: Both statements are correct.

Que.4 If,
KH is hall effect coefficient
I is the current flowing through Hall strip
B is magnetic flux density
t is the thickness of strip.
then, Hall voltage VH is given by
  1. VH = (KH B) / (I t)
  2. VH = (KH t) / (I B)
  3. VH = KH I B / t
  4. VH = KH I B t

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Option 3: VH = KH I B / t

Que.5 Which of the following is not a material used in Hall effect sensor?
  1. Caesium-Antimony
  2. Gallium-Arsenide
  3. Indium-Antimonide
  4. Indium-Arsenide

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Option 1: Caesium-Antimony

Que.6 Force exerted by magnetic field in Hall Effect transducers is ____________.
  1. Lorentz force
  2. Hall Effect force
  3. Magnetic force
  4. Electric force

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Option 1: Lorentz force

Que.7 Hall effect transducer can measure ______ current.
  1. a.c.
  2. d.c.
  3. a.c. or d.c.
  4. eddy

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Option 3: a.c. or d.c.

Que.8 Identify the incorrect statement about Hall effect transducers from the following.
  1. It has a long life.
  2. It has high speed operation.
  3. It can measure distance upto 10 meters.
  4. It can be operated over a broad temperature range of -40O C to 150O C.

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Option 3: It can measure distance upto 10 meters.

Disadvantages of Hall effect transducers
1. It can measure distance upto 10cm only.
2. Stray magnetic field can cause inaccurate readings.
Que.9 Identify correct statement about application of Hall effect transducers.
  1. It is used for the measurement of displacement.
  2. It is used in rotary encoder.
  3. It is used for measurement of power.
  4. All of the above.

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Option 4: All of the above.

Que.10 Which of the following is not an application of Hall effect transducers?
  1. Measurement of current.
  2. Measurement of angular displacement.
  3. Measurement of temperature.
  4. Measurement of magnetic field.

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Option 3: Measurement of temperature.

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