Proximity Sensors MCQs with Answers

Proximity Sensors MCQs with answers: Following Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are based on “Proximity Sensors” also known as “Proximity Devices or Proximity Transducers”. It is related to subject Instrumentation, Industrial Measurement and Applications.

Topics: Inductive proximity sensor, capacitive proximity sensor, Hall effect proximity sensor, Optical proximity sensor and Ultrasonic proximity sensor.

This topic is mostly beneficial in the field of Instrumentation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering.

These MCQs will be useful in various competitive examinations, entrance examinations, oral examination (Viva voce), certifications and interviews.

MCQs on Proximity Sensors

Que.1 A proximity sensor is a non-contact sensor.
  1. True
  2. False

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Option 1: True

Que.2 Which sensor can detect nearby target?
  1. Photoconductive sensor
  2. Touch sensor
  3. Proximity sensor
  4. Piezoelectric sensor

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Option 3: Proximity sensor

Que.3 Inductive Proximity Sensors detect changes in the _______ due to eddy currents generated on a metallic object are detected.
  1. Resistance
  2. Capacitance
  3. Inductance
  4. Impedance

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Option 4: impedance

Que.4 Inductive Proximity transducer can sense only ______.
  1. semiconductors
  2. metals
  3. liquids
  4. glass

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Option 2: metals

Que.5 Capacitive Proximity Sensors detect changes in the ______ between the sensing object and the Sensor.
  1. Resistance
  2. Capacitance
  3. Inductance
  4. Impedance

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Option 2: Capacitance

Que.6 The amount of capacitance varies in capacitive proximity sensor depending on the __________of the target (sensing object).
  1. charge and speed
  2. size and distance
  3. distance and speed
  4. charge and size

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Option 2: size and distance

Que.7 Identify the correct statements from the following.
(i) Capacitive proximity sensors are limited to metallic targets.
(ii) An ordinary Capacitive Proximity Sensor is similar to a capacitor with two parallel plates, where the capacity of the two plates is detected. One of the plates is the object being measured and the other is the Sensor’s sensing surface.
  1. Only statement (i) is correct.
  2. Only statement (ii) is correct.
  3. Both statements are correct.
  4. Both statements are wrong.

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Option 2: Only statement (ii) is correct.

Capacitive proximity sensors can detect object of glass, plastic, water, wood, metals, and a numerous of targets of other materials.
Que.8 In Ultrasonic proximity sensors the distance between the sensor and the target is determined by
  1. time taken by reflected light to reach back to sensor.
  2. time taken by the sound to reflect back to the sensor.
  3. measuring voltage at the output.
  4. measuring changes in output current.

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Option 2: time taken by the sound to reflect back to the sensor.

Que.9 Which type of proximity sensor has the longest sensing range?
  1. Inductive Proximity Sensor
  2. Optical Proximity Sensor
  3. Capacitive Proximity Sensor
  4. Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor

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Option 2: Optical Proximity Sensor

Que.10 Which proximity sensor detects positioning of an object?
  1. Optical Proximity Sensor
  2. Inductive Proximity Sensor
  3. Capacitive Proximity Sensor
  4. Magnetic Proximity Sensor

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Option 1: Optical Proximity Sensor

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