Digital Transducers MCQs with Answers

Digital Transducers MCQs with answers: Following Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are based on “Digital Transducers” and “Signal Conditioning“.

Topics: Digital Transducers such as Increamental Encoders, Absolute Encoders and Need and Types of Signal conditioning.

These are related to subject Instrumentation and Industrial Applications. This topic is mostly beneficial in the field of Electronics, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

These MCQs will be useful in various competitive examinations, entrance examinations, oral examination (Viva voce), certifications and interviews.

MCQ on Digital Transducers

(i) Digital transducer converts input signal into the output signal of the form of pulse.
(ii) Sometimes an analog transducer combined with an analog-digital converter (ADC) is called a digital transducer.
  1. only statement (i) is correct
  2. only statement (ii) is correct
  3. Both statements are correct
  4. Both statements are false.

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Option 3: Both statements are correct

(i) Absolute encoder measures fixed number of pulses and has many tracks on it.
(ii) Gray code encoder is an incremental encoder.

only statement (i) is correct

only statement (ii) is correct

Both statements are correct

Both statements are wrong.

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Option 1: only statement (i) is correct

Gray code converter is an absolute encoder.
Que.3 In an incremental encoder, by counting the pulses______ and by timing the pulse width using a clock signal ________ can be determined.
  1. angular displacement, angular velocity
  2. linear velocity, angular displacement
  3. angular velocity, angular acceleration
  4. angular displacement, angular acceleration

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Option 1: angular displacement, angular velocity

Que.4 In which of the shaft encoding technique a constant voltage Vref is applied to the slip ring using a brush mechanism?
  1. Optical (photosensor) method
  2. Sliding contact (electrical conducting) method
  3. Magnetic saturation (reluctance) method
  4. Proximity sensor method

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Option 2: Sliding contact (electrical conducting) method

Que.5 In which of the shaft encoding technique a non-ferromagnetic disk must be used?
  1. Optical (photosensor) method
  2. Sliding contact (electrical conducting) method
  3. Magnetic saturation (reluctance) method
  4. Proximity sensor method

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Option 3: Magnetic saturation (reluctance) method

Que.6 Identify the correct statement.
(i) In signal conditioning, the data acquisition process takes place.
(ii) In filtering, noise error in the amplitude of the signal is reduced.
  1. only statement (i)
  2. only statement (ii)
  3. Both statements (i) and (ii)
  4. None of the above

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Option 3: Both statements (i) and (ii)

Que.7 What is the remedy for following problem in signal conditioning?
“A high transient voltage at one input may damage not only the input circuit, but an also propagate to other equipment connected to that input.”
  1. Amplification
  2. Isolation
  3. Attenuation
  4. Filtering

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Option 2: Isolation

Que.8 Which of the following signal conditioning is not necessary in thermocouple?
  1. Amplification
  2. excitation
  3. linearisation
  4. Filtering

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Option 2: excitation

Thermocouple is an active transducer means it produces it's own voltage. Therefore it does not require any excitation.
Que.9 _____ helps to provide precise measurements, which are essential for accurate data acquisition and machine-control.
  1. An amplifier
  2. A signal conditioner
  3. A filter
  4. An isolator

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Option 2: A signal conditioner

Que.10 Some analog sensors can be directly connected to microcontroller without converting into digital output.
  1. True
  2. False

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Option 1: True

Some Microcontrollers have analog Input/Output built in therefore an analog sensor can be directly connected to such microcontrollers.

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