Hall Effect Transducer

  • The Hall effect element is a type of transducer used for measuring the magnetic field by converting it into an emf.
  • The direct measurement of the magnetic field is not possible. Thus, the Hall Effect Transducer is used for indirect measurement of magnetic field.
  • The transducer converts the magnetic field into an electric quantity which is easily measured by the analog and digital meters is called hall effect transducer.

Working Principle

  • The working principle of Hall Effect Transducer is based on Hall Effect. It was discovered byEdwin Hallin 1879.
  • Hall Effect is basically the process of development of potential difference across the two faces of a current carrying strip when the strip is kept in a magnetic field.
  • The magnitude of voltage depends upon the current, strength of magnetic field and the property of conducting material.
  • The Hall Effect is found in conducting material and semiconductor in varying amount depending upon the density and mobility of current carrier.
  • The hall effect elements are based on thin film of semiconducting material like indium arsenide.


working of Hall effect transducer, hall effect sensor,
  • The current supply through the lead 1 and 2 and the output is obtained from the strip 3 and 4. The lead 3 and 4 are at same potential when no field is applied across the strip.
  • When the magnetic field is applied to the strip, the output voltage develops across the output leads 3 and 4. This developed voltage is directly proportional to the strength of the material.

The voltage is given by

{V_H} = {K_H}\frac{{IB}}{t}

KH= Hall effect coefficient

I= Current

B= magnetic flux density

t= thickness of the strip (hall element)

The emf produced is called as hall voltage and depends upon the current, flux density and a property of conductor known as Hall effect coefficient (KH).

Advantages of Hall Effect Transducers

  • It has long life because no wear.
  • They are highly reliable.
  • It has very high-speed operation.
  • They can be operated in a wide temperature range.

Disadvantages of Hall Effect Transducers

  • It cannot measure distance more than 10cm.
  • Stray magnetic field can cause inaccurate reading.

Applications of Hall Effect Transducers

  • The Hall effect element is used for converting the magnetic flux into an electric transducer.
  • The Hall effect element measures the displacement of the structural element.
  • The Hall effect transducer is also used for measuring the current without any physical connection between the conductor circuit and meter.
  • The Hall effect transducer is used for measuring the power of the conductor. The current is applied across the conductor, which develops the magnetic field.
  • Open/close of laptop flip screen. Hence conserve power while switching laptop to sleep.
  • Used in encoded switches and rotary encoder.

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